The AC Puppies website is an online platform designed to help individuals who do not have easy access to the internet purchase puppies. This website serves as a convenient and user-friendly platform for those who may not be tech-savvy or prefer traditional methods of acquiring pets. Key features and services of the AC Puppies website include: 1. Puppies for Sale: The website showcases a variety of puppies available for adoption or purchase. It provides detailed information about each puppy, including breed, age, gender, and temperament. 2. Contact Information: To cater to customers without internet access, the website prominently displays a phone number in the description with all other information to talk to the owners and proceed with scheduling. Potential customers can call or visit the physical location to inquire about available puppies. 3. Adoption Process: Information about the adoption or purchase process is outlined on the website. This includes details about pricing, required documentation, and any associated fees. 4. Customer Testimonials: To build trust with potential customers, the website may feature testimonials from previous clients who have successfully acquired puppies through AC Puppies. 5. Customer Support: A contact form is available for individuals to reach out to the AC Puppies team with any queries or concerns. 6. Offline Payment Options: To accommodate customers without internet access, the website may offer alternative payment methods, such as in-person payment at the location. 7. Availability Updates: The website is regularly updated to reflect the availability of puppies, ensuring that customers can stay informed about the current selection. By offering these services and features, the AC Puppies website caters to a specific audience who prefer a more traditional and offline approach to adopting or purchasing puppies. It serves as a valuable resource for those who do not have internet access but still wish to find a loving canine companion.