Puppy Shipping Services

You found your perfect pooch but it's hours away or you're unable to pick it up for various reasons.  At AC Puppies we strive to make the process smooth for yourself and the puppy. We recommend if possible to pick up your puppy and to meet  the breeder. We understand sometimes this isn't possible. We developed a plan to make sure you're able to have your perfect puppy  shipped to you.

Shipping costs start at $475 . Certain breeds and the age of the puppy may affect the final shipping costs.

We don't accept payments for puppies. We will process the shipping costs via Paypal. Payment for the puppy will have to be cleared by the breeder. This may take 8-12 days from the time payment is sent. 

An airline approved pet travel carrier and food and water dish will be provided at no additional cost.

Any additional costs that may be incurred due to flight cancellations will be the buyers responsibility.

Some airports won't accept pet travel. We'll take care of this for you and find the closest airport. Please contact us at 330-641-3141 or contact us for more shipping details.